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เรียนขับรถกับ SAFE DRIVER
Safe Driver Education is more than just a driving institute. We teach you to be a better and safer driver. Our systematic training provides driving lessons that not only will train you to drive but also train you how to drive with safety. The lessons include the transportation system, risk management and how to prepare yourself before driving.

We offer 12-hour courses and a driving simulator that will prepare you before going out to drive in the real world...
เครื่องฝึกทดลองขับ SIMULATOR
เครื่องฝึกทดลองขับ SIMULATOR
A simulator is a computerized device that allows us to place a student in a situation that resembles real driving. The student manipulates controls that are the same as those of a real car. He sees on a monitor an environment comparable to what he would see behind the wheel of a real car. With the development of the computer-generated image it is now possible to recreate a complete environment...

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